Today is Friday, May 24 2019
B2B Meeting Minutes 2/5/2019

...and a good time was had by all! (oh, wait - we did stuff!)

Oktoberfest 2019 - we are under way. The Plan is:
  • First, build a working budget based on past experience (this week - Sarah, Norm, Ken)
  • Then, develop sponsor benefit package (this month - Laura, Sarah, Ken, Norm)
  • Then, recruit sponsors for the biggest and best mixer of the year (next 7 months - everybody!), If we each bring on just $100 in sponsors, we pay for it all. If you want to help at the committee level, please contact Sarah.
  • October 15 - Magic happens!

The B2B Holistic Networking Initiative (chaired by Jared) -

Jared presented a well-developed plan for a series of events, each open to ~45 attendees.

  • We (B2B) bring in outside speakers in the business of teaching personal networking, Digital Marketing, Social Media, current branding strategies, campaign-building...
  • Not for tire kickers - individual attendees will pre-register, cost approx 25.00.
  • Programs will include homework, pre-meetings, other results specific activity.
  • Managed marketing campaigns will target wide-spread audiences appropriate to each presenter.
Jared will soon be calling the meeting for initial planning - be there!

Posted by Ken Nicholson

B2B Meeting Minutes 01/22/2019

Our meeting Tuesday was a pretty open discussion of B2B's value to us, values as an organization , objectives, and so forth. In other words, we were working to define and reaffirm what it is that we're trying to do here.

Everyone at the table spoke up. Well done!

Herewith my best shot at a recap.

Paraphrases, in order of appearance:


"I come here to represent my company, and it's working. The relationships I build here have led to new business, and will continue to do so."

"I enjoy belonging to a group where I can actively participate and contribute, where people actually listen to each other."

"I'm here to make to meaningful business contacts and to join in projects serving the community."

"We need to grow our membership, with professional diversity as an objective."

"We need effective member testimonials on the website."

"This is a great place for learning to network."

"I enjoy the 'open forum' atmosphere which gives everyone the opportunity to jump in there."

"Our plan to teach networking skills again is a good one, and it would attract a lot of younger people. They don't teach this stuff in college."

"We need to operate more 'out of the box,' to distinguish ourselves from the BNI-style groups who sacrifice flexibility and effectiveness to rigid rules and procedures."

"Sometimes, we could use a little more structure in the meetings."

"Let's spend more time getting to know each other better, so we can better represent each other."


Posted by Ken Nicholson

B2B Meeting Minutes 12/4/2018

Most of the meeting was spent talking about the networking training series we will be hosting for Chamber members.

The Group discussed topics we might cover such as how to follow up with networking contacts, developing effective elevator speeches, communicating your value, etc.

There was also discussion on what time, place, and how often the series should take place. Our current consenus is to choose different topic each 6 weeks, and to simply invite attendees to join our normal Tuesday meeting. We'll adopt an informal "roundtable workshop" format rather than a classroom presentation.

We will shoot for 5-10 new faces for each workshop meeting, and will “market” it through the chamber, asking their help on selecting new chamber members we should reach out to.

We will continue to discuss this topic over the next few weeks, and hammer out more of the details. Each B2B member is to read through the brochure provided at the meeting and write up some notes/bullet points about topics that should be covered throughout the series.

Posted by Alexander Senyshyn and Ken Nicholson

We meet at 7:30 AM weekly
at Crystal Lake Bank & Trust
5100 Northwest Highway
(Pingree and Rt. 14)
Crystal Lake, Illinois

For further info, please
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