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Weekly meetings -

This is all subject to change any time, but this is how we're doing things right now:

Most meetings start with introductions, where we get to know any guests, and rehearse our "elevator speeches". Then we go around the table recounting referrals we have made and received. Here we honor a long-standing B2B tradition - either bring a referral, or throw a "buck in the bucket" (we use the funds for our annual party). Then, after an update on upcoming community and Chamber events, we get down to the business at hand for that week. As a general rule, we schedule meeting topics as follows:

1st Tuesday of each month - We conduct a "Free Form Forum" - all members are encouraged to bring a topic to the table. They include things like...
  • An article you read pertinent to business today
  • Changes you are making in how you do business
  • A book you've read that you recommend
  • A business challenge you're facing that we can help with
Sometimes we actually act as each others' "Board of Directors for a day" - it's amazing sometimes what a table full of smart, loyal folks can come up with.

2nd Tuesday of the month -
We call it "Skill Builders" - where we invite people from outside the group to teach us how to grow and improve our businesses. Training in networking, marketing, social networking, tax strategies, management, name it.

3rd Tuesday -
Longer-term discussions and programs. In the past we've held roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars, and other events.

4th Tuesday -
Craft talks - presentations by our members where we learn about their businesses and learn to refer them properly.

We meet at 7:30 AM weekly
at Crystal Lake Bank & Trust
5100 Northwest Highway
(Pingree and Rt. 14)
Crystal Lake, Illinois

For further info, please
contact Ken Nicholson at

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